Teenagers in Trouble

We, the class 7L, visited the play "Teenagers in Trouble" on May 26th 2023 in Berlin. It was an English play presented by the Platypus Theater.

The play was about a girl Biggy who immigrated from Germany to the USA with her family. In her new school she met a boy called Dave. It was love at first sight and then you can imagine what the story was about ... :)

7LThe play took place in the 1950s and the costumes were picked really well and matched the vibe of the fifties. It was impressive that the whole performance was played by only two actors.

The actors needed to swap their characters really often but that wasn't a big deal because a woman accompanied the scenes on the piano.

We were really surprised that she did not have any piano music sheets and played everything by heart.Furthermore, there were a lot of probs and many of them were multifunctional. The light effects and the music as well as the interactive parts with the audience made the play incredible.

We think that the play was really good and would definitely recommend watching the play. All the aspects fit perfectly together and the actors did a really good job. But that's only our opinion so what are you waiting for – go watch the play.

Alina, Elisabeth and Karla, 7L (text; photo: J. Schmidt)